Yule Sabbat

Xmas or the Winter Solstice is scientifically based on the standing even now position of the Sun; this has been practiced for over 10, 000 years by many cultures (especially Native Americans, Speaking spanish and Mexican Indians) around the globe with ceremonies and galas over 12 days). Yule is a kind of spiritual, psychic, in addition to physiological renewal of mind, body, and soul concerning the 4 elements (Earth or North, Air or Distance, Fire or South, and Water or West) along with the 5th element being the Spirit Guide at the top of a real side up pentacle and pentagram (which are mathematically based on geometry). The winter solstice is unique among days of often the year–the shortest day and the longest night. Darkness policies but only briefly; from now until the summer solstice, the nights will grow shorter and the days extended even in Alaska.

The Winter prendre une année sabbatique turning point was carefully examined in many ancient cultures. The stones in the circle at Stonehenge were aligned to ascertain the dates of midsummer and midwinter, as well as the positions of the moon throughout the year. Even more aged than Stonehenge is the tumulus at Newgrange in the Boyne Body of water Valley in Ireland. It was built in approximately 4500 F. C. E. On the morning of the winter solstice, a new shaft of sunlight enters the mound, travels decrease a stone corridor, and illuminates the spiral layouts on the back wall of the cave.

Yule is one of four Lesser Pagan Sabbats (with the religious festivals as well as holidays being Ostara, Midsummer or Litha, and Mabon) within the symbolically and constantly turning wheel of the calendar year. Yule has long been celebrated as the rebirth of the sun (the Sun God Ra/Re), of sunlight, and the continual lifetime of life itself. According to Celtic folklore, the Pecan King and the Holly King represent the two sides with the Greenman or the Horned God (Cernunnos); the Oak Ruler oversees the lighter part of the year (at Litha) whilst the Holly King oversees the darker part of the year in Yule.

In the northern hemisphere, Yule is generally celebrated with or around December 21st depending upon the day of arrival of the full moon prior to this Sabbat. Yule festivals, ceremonies, plus rituals can consist of a simple solitary prayer all the way through a more sophisticated social and spiritual gathering of men, women, and even children. Depending upon their spiritual path, some folks observe Yule for 1 day or from 3, 7, or about 12 days.