Would You Like Shoes With Your Sweat?


Do you need shoes with your sweat? No! No thanks! I will acquire my sweat barefoot thanks! I have found over time that I get much better agility, speed and I ache much less when I do wear shoes during my home workouts. I would only highly recommend this on a carpeted or padded floor but for us it is the only way to workout when it comes to indoor aerobics for instance Turbo Fire, Insanity or P90X.

There are two motives that I think working out barefoot is helpful. One is that I could move and I don’t “stick” to the carpet or floor. “Sticking” is never good and can actually be dangerous because you could possibly twist a joint but at a minimum you could be slowed down on the whole to a less productive pace.

The more important issue which should be assessed is– What do shoes do to your feet? They application form them into unnatural restrictive areas that don’t allow intended for natural shock absorption of the movement which leads to more pressure and excess pressure on the body. Ultimately, what I have found is if I do my workouts without shoes–barefoot– that this feet actually have become stronger and are able to work throughout alignment with the natural mechanics of my body versus being forced out of alignment and weakening the natural mechanics involving my body. My knees don’t hurt. My joints can not ache. My body can work as the machine it was intended to!

As well as many brands of shoes on the market today that promote “barefoot” workout through their latest barefoot shoes. I am not personally a fan of these types of Test des Jackshibo Barfußschuhs as I think the best “barefoot” is to be absolutely barefoot but these shoes may come in handy for outdoor usage, gym use, or in cases when you truly need a footwear for women. I wear them for everyday use which works personally over going to the mall barefoot! There are several styles and most wellness and fitness shoe companies have their own variation.

Get back to nature and offer it a try! I know many people who even run without footwear. Now I haven’t personally tried this method but I can tell anyone this… anytime I can– I strip my shoes or boots off and go au natural! It just feels a whole lot better than that bulky mess on my feet we call shoes!