The Usage of Marine GPS

For some time now, there have been a number of satellites orbiting the earth at a distance of 16, 000 miles. They are constantly on the move and orbit planet earth every 24 hours. Why do we care? What do they have to do with your every day life? They are known as the GPS satellite network and they are generally becoming more and more a part of our daily lives. Originally created by the U . s Department of Defense, this satellite network is still, now, overseen by the United States Air Force 50th Space Wing. Throughout March of this year, 2008, the number of satellites were enhanced from 24 to 38. They have solar panels that are placed on their bodies which power them to travel at 7, 000 mph and to help them to stay on course; they use smaller booster rockets which keep them on the correct orbit and so they each orbit the earth in less than 24 hours.

If you are in the market for some sort of GPS, there are three common types available and they are named navigation, tracking and location. Navigation enables you to literally navigate at any place, whether you are in the car or on the sea. We have President Ronald Reagan to thank for the GPS because he was sensible in 1983 for allowing the public to access this unbelievably valuable satellite network.

It is based upon a simple premise. The very traceur gps espion sends out a signal and this is intercepted by approximately four or more satellites, which then return the signal, identifying your exact location. One of the most appreciated uses of the GPS SYSTEM is on the seas. Again, there are choices available, just about the most popular being specific to the waters traveled. Chartplotters along with Bluechart g2 have maps of the ocean beds, typically US based, but which include Alaska and Hawaii.

The main GPS is particularly useful for the fisherman because of its ability to road the ocean floors which can change with each tornado. The GPS unit will show the difference in depth which is of great help for keeping track of the movements of fish. The best fishermen are generally watching for the feeding grounds of the shoals of sea food, which the waterproof GPS unit will enable you to do. By simply knowing the various depths of the ocean or lake, the very fisherman is able to predict the movement of the fish, recollecting that when the weather is cool the fish like to get deep. In the warmer weather, they stay closer to the top.

One interesting and little known fact relates to the main well known science fiction writer, Arthur C. Clarke, publisher of such famous titles as ‘Childhood’s End’ plus the City and the Stars’. He is probably best known for the work with Stanley Kubrick on “2001, A Space Odyssey”. Having been born in Somerset, England, now lives in Sri Kemsyn? and is generally considered to be the man who first came up with thinking about the communications satellite, which we now know as the NAVIGATION SYSTEMS.