Those steamy summer days between July and August are the times as soon as your clients want their Wholesale Sunglasses that the most. They’re also the times when sweating can make it almost impossible to maintain a set of sunglasses in your own face without them falling. No worries though, there are ways to go around the slipping.

You could be a merchant that provides free adjustments. Your profit margin is large enough to offer you the support since you purchase bulk sunglasses out of us. If that’s the case, this post isn’t for you. Everything you’ll read below is meant for retailers who don’t provide free alterations yet nevertheless find themselves providing clients information about slippage.


Shades that slide because of sweat are usually tight around the back of the ears. The simplest way to address this challenge is to tighten up them by really bending the plastic frames. This is sometimes carried out with a hair drier, a towel, and a bit of TLC.

Your client should place the hair dryer on its greatest setting. Hot air is then going to be steered toward the rear of the ear piece before the plastic is sexy enough to flex. The concept is to bend the ear bit upward, with the towel to shield against being burnt. Clients who opt to utilize this technique must make adjustments in tiny increments. Moving to large can mean having to create a number of adjustments back and on that, finally, could wind up breaking the plastic.

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Clients not thrilled about the concept of heating their sunglasses up may elect to buy a elastic ring. The rings are extremely popular for children that have difficulty keeping their normal prescription eyeglasses on because of their rambunctiousness. Providentially, the elastic rings operate equally well for sunglasses.

If you purchase bulk children sunglasses out of us, you may want to put money into bulk elastic bands too. They go nicely together — like peanut butter and jelly or baseball and apple pie.


Another fantastic idea that comes in the area of prescription eyeglasses are such adhesive foam pads you purchase in the drugstore. The pads were initially meant for eyeglasses using metal frames and plastic bridge pads to the nose. You only combine a foam pad to every bridge pad and off you go.

The pads operate equally well on vinyl sunglasses. You may put one on both sides of the bridge in addition to on every ear piece — only in front of, or behind, the ear. The sole drawback to polyurethane pads would be the fact that sweat will gradually get under the glue and make them drop off. New pads might need to be implemented two or three times throughout the summertime.

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Last but not least is your abrasion approach. This is normally a step of last resort, particularly if your clients are purchasing fashion sunglasses. Those considering trying it need only have a file or emery board. Also notice that this method doesn’t work well for shades with metal frames. It’s really meant for plastic.

Employing the document or emery board, the consumer merely scuffs the plastic coating on each side of the bridge as well as in which the earpieces contact the side of their mind. Scuffing the plastic does basically the exact same thing as affixing adhesive foam pads. The best thing about this way is that sweat isn’t ever a problem.

If you purchase bulk sunglasses out of Olympic Eyewear, we thank you for your devotion. Hopefully, these suggestions for preventing slippage through the warm summer months will probably be helpful for your clients.