Stylish Laundry Room Renovation on a Budget

Laundry Room Style on a Budget

Kelly Marzka is a wife, mothers, blogger, and creator of a really stylish laundry room. On her website, View Along The Way. com, Kelly takes you on a step-by-step transformation of her functional but dreary and boring laundry room to the one you see the following. This space is so lovely that the task of doing clothing has to be more fun. And, she and her husband have the refurbishing for only $157!

What’s Wrong With This Washing Room?

Here’s Kelly’s laundry room before the transformation. Amazingly, this is the improved version after a coat of paint along with the addition of a wire shelf for storing laundry resources. When Kelly and her husband bought their home, often the laundry room had no storage and dirty beige walls with a wallpaper border of clothes hanging from a clothesline.

If you must haul laundry to a laundry mat and possess a washer crammed in a dark corner of the underground room, this area may look like the Taj Mahal. But if you use a designated laundry HDB resale renovation package, the addition of some basic amenities and a tiny bit of decorating will make your tasks easier and more enjoyable.

High priced Wallpaper Look With Stenciling

A new coat of shade in your favorite color is the least expensive way to change the search of your laundry space. But Kelly took it slightly further and created the look of an expensive wallpaper by means of stenciling a peacock feather design on one wall. While using the design on just one wall is a treat for the vision but doesn’t overwhelm the small space.

Laundry Room Hard drive Is A Must

Every laundry room must-have supplies like laundry detergent, bleach and stain removers. Keeping it all in finished storage not only looks more organized but is also essential safety reasons. All of the brightly colored bottles and containers usually are attractive to kids and it is our responsibility to prevent poisoning crashes.

Kelly was lucky enough to find a storage cabinet at a property sale for just $25 that her husband could conform for the laundry room. Adding side shelves gave your girlfriend a chance to add decorative items and even more storage. This is the great place for baskets or coordinated canvas bins to place lost socks or other supplies.

Great Laundry Room Floor Redo

One of the most unattractive features in the laundry space was the dingy vinyl floor. The vinyl was in excellent condition and is a good water-resistant choice for laundry room surfaces but it was ugly. Replacing the floor was not in the funds so Kelly choose a great alternative–floor paint. With the right cleaning and preparation and the right type of paint, softtop can be successfully painted. The finish is durable and easy to scrub.

Best Laundry Room Drying Rack

The addition of a wall-mounted drying rack is not only attractive, but it is also one of the most simple additions to a laundry room. So many clothes will last extended and look better if they skip the trip through the high heat of a clothes dryer.

If you don’t have enough wall space for a substantial rack, choose a retractable indoor clothesline that can be wall-mounted as well as one of many sizes and styles of collapsible drying racks which might be stored away when not in use.

Accessories Make a Laundry Space Happy

When you’re faced with mountains of dirty clothes, it assists to have some things around you that make you happy. Kelly choose to include things like framed photos of her adorable children. You may like basic laundry-themed fine art prints or vintage soap and equipment advertising. Just be sure that whatever you add to the space makes you look.

Brighten Your Laundry Room Lighting

Good lighting is vital to seeing stains and problems that need specific health care when handling laundry. Kelly’s husband Adam, a very inspiring and talented fellow, created a version of high-priced light fixture she wanted. If you don’t have an Adam, think further than the basic ceiling fixture and add a decorative feature. Just be sure the fact that wattage is high enough to provide the lighting you need.