Start a Radio Station – Choosing a Transmission Mode

To start out a radio station, you first need to decide an appropriate mode connected with transmission. Over here, explore the available choices and also decide which mode best suits your requirements.

There are 4 primary tranny modes that you can choose from –

1 . Low power FM – A LPFM runs at a frequency of 500mW to 100W and is generally allowed to be used only for not for commercial broadcasts. LPFM transmission are prone to frequency interference coming from transmission at near by frequency resulting in relatively poor sound quality of broadcast as compared to a full power FM broadcast.

Several countries allow free broadcasts while others require obtaining shown license and permits for construction of the broadcast place.

Pros: Easy and inexpensive to set up.

Cons: Only suitable for neo commercial purposes, poor sound quality, limited distance of live (3 to 10 miles depending on the terrain)

2 . Total power FM – A full power FM flat earth radio live is one of suitable for commercial broadcasts. The broadcast quality is perfect as because of least interference from adjacent frequencies. The complete power FM band broadcasts between 88. 1 MHz and 107. 9 MHz in the United States. This frequency can vary greatly amongst countries.

Pros: Can be used for transmission from 10-35 miles radius. Impeccable transmission quality.

Cons: Relatively pricey to set up. Requires licensing in almost all the countries and requires the services of inter disciplinary consultants.

3. AM radio stations : This medium is used to broadcast across large locations some times even covering several continents. For transmissions over a long area, AM radio stations transmits at incredibly higher frequencies of 1600 to 1700 kHz.

Advantages: Long distances can be covered.

Cons: High interference with frequency hence poor quality of transmission, requires compliance a number of cross border norms (if broadcasting across several countries)

4. Internet radio – Technically this is not transmission or perhaps broadcasting. It is rather called streaming. nevertheless it is the cheapest method for connecting and sending your message to a large viewers.