Learn How to Apply Fake Eyelashes Quickly and Easily

Top tips for correctly applying eyelashes

There I had been in the beauty store gazing at those wonderful fake lashes not knowing whether to buy them or not. I understood that using lashes to the very first time required certain knowledge I did not possess, although I wanted to look ravishing for your New Years’ Eve celebration, I was fearful my clumsiness in the domain could eventually turn me into a circus clown.

Fortunately, the young shop assistant realized exactly what my internal torment was gave me a few tips on applying lashes, that I would like to talk about with other make-up dilettantes.

There are make-up artists that assert that putting on lashes throughout day-time is a proof of terrible taste, but others state that lashes can be applied in any conditions, provided that you use the appropriate ones. Personally, I prefer the latter. I feel and work better once I have a pleasant, modern look. Thus, the very first and most important trick is to determine what sort of look you want, and when and where are you going to wear your make-up. When employing eyelashes for a day out in a club, you should chose longer and thinker lashes, and if they have a special style or shape, it is all for the better. On the other hand, you require medium or below medium length eyelashes when wearing lashes for a day at the office, a company meeting and even for a cocktail.

Pick the best color. You should always opt for natural colors during the daytime, colored lashes for unconventional celebrations, when employing fake eyelashes for a sophisticated event, you should always choose the black ones.

A real lady knows that new make-up cannot be implemented on a filthy face, and of course on the former day make-up. Thus, you should clean your face, particularly the eyes region with a cotton pad and a little bit of moisturizing face cream. Applying eyelashes is much easier on a fresh skin.

A great deal of make-up dilettantes create the enormous mistake of applying the eyelashes and the base and other make-up products. Never forget that employing eyelashes should be the final measure of your make-up procedure.

Applying complete set lashes shouldn’t last for over five minutes. Pay attention when unsticking the eyelashes in the tray. If necessary, use a set of tweezers. The eyelashes kit is given with special glue- please do not use any other type of adhesive for applying eyelashes. Quantify the fake eyelashes by posing them over your natural ones, to see whether they match your eye. If they’re too long, just cut somewhat from the outside corner, never from the interior corner. Use the paste on the border of the lashes and stick them as close as possible to your natural one, either with the help of your finger tips or using a pair of tweezers. After adjusting them, wait for three to four minutes with your eyes shut, for the paste to dry properly.

It is highly suggested to use mascara after applying eyelashes, because it mixes the fake and the natural eyelashes providing a refreshing and candid appearance. Moreover, the lashes creates the illusion that the lashes are longer and more curved.