Kratom – A Guide to Effects and Usuage

Kratom is quite a unique herb because different doses will have distinctive effects. This is because the active alkaloids in the Kratom herb work both as a stimulant and a sedative. Kratom should have a different effect depending on how much is taken, and the person having it, and because of this, it is advisable to begin with small doses and soon you know how your body will react.

Stimulant Level (Low Dose)

At this level, Kratom will help you feel more alert, with an increase of physical energy, and for some people, more sexual energy. Many people become more talkative, sociable, and friendly, and many find it better to do hard, boring physical activities. Many will enjoy these benefits, but some may find that it makes them uncomfortable and edgy.

Relaxing Level (High Dose)

At this level, you will normally always be less sensitive to emotional and physical pain; you may look and feel calm, and have a general pleasurable feeling, and may even enter into a trance-like state. Some people may experience some perspiring or itching, and possibly nausea; however , if you lie down advert relax the nausea should pass quickly.

Many people with this state find that it is pleasurable to lie down in a stained room and listen to music, and many have even got into the ‘waking dream’ state, which was popular in the nineteenth century. These effects will usually last about six time, and the higher the dose, the stronger the effects are going to be.


The following dosage recommendations apply to buy kratom bulk leaves, but not extract. Because people vary in sensitivity to Kratom, and various batches vary quite a lot in potency, these are only hard guidelines, and should begin with a low dose whenever you are using the latest batch of Kratom. Some people find that they are very hypersensitive to Kratom, and even small doses may produce side effects such as prolonged vomiting. If this happens to you discontinue use in order to find an alternative herb.

Begin using Kratom in small doses involving between 2-6g, this should produce mild, stimulant like problems.
7-15g can produce medium stimulant like effects, or relaxing effects depending on the person and their tolerance level.
16-25g makes strong sedative like effects, and is too much for people who are really sensitive to Kratom.
26-50g is too much for most people along with produces very strong sedative like effects.

Are There Any Risks?

Any time Kratom is taken alone, and not mixed with any other narcotic or herb, the biggest risk is falling asleep. Because of this never drive, or operate machinery after using Kratom. Even when you feel stimulated, you can become sleepy extremely quickly.

Is usually Kratom Addictive?

While there have been a few reports of people growing to be dependent on Kratom after years of daily use, if employed responsibly, it is not addictive. If used occasionally rather than on a daily basis, there is almost no risk of becoming dependent. But with almost any meds, including coffee, alcohol, and tobacco, if used day to day for a long period of time, it can become a habit that is hard to bust.