Key West Trip for Mothers and Daughters

Simply because Key West is famous for sports fishing and misogynistic consultants who drink too much, you might not think that Key West is the perfect place for a mother-daughter trip. But my mom and I had an utter blast. Fleeing the constant rain that is the trademark of our north hometown, we headed to the southern most point of your Continental US to soak ourselves in sunshine plus bright blue water. Just what the doctored ordered that will chase away those winter blues.

For the start of our Carribbean adventure, we decided to follow the Jack Sparrow philosophy with “It’s not the destination, so much as the journey” boost the drive from Miami to Key West. The exact drive is long (about 4 hours depending on traffic) but it is usually much cheaper than flying directly into Key Rest of the world. More importantly, the views are spectacular as you pass the particular white sand beaches and tropical scenery that make the The carolina area Keys famous. We hadn’t even arrived at our very last stop and we were already delighted with our trip. If we did stroll into town, we inevitably faced typically the “What are we going to do in Key West? in dilemma. Here is a brief run-down of the things we experienced the most.

The Hemingway House

Ernest Hemingway is probably most widely known for his amazing literary talent and his reputation as the man’s man. What many people don’t know is that Hemingway have a particular affection for six toed cats. That’s right, Hemingway was a cat lover. Today his old home may be turned into a popular museum and the lawn is covered with your lounging, polydactyl creatures. You just have to see it to believe it.

Important Lime Pie

My mom’s favorite dessert is Key Lime Pie and the best place to enjoy this delicious treat with the place where these mini limes got their identity. So sweet and yet so tart, Key Lime Raz√≥n is a perfect on a warm Key West evening. Just about every chef seems to make their pies differently, so it’s for you to decide to find your own favorite recipe and/or restaurant. Any Essential West Trip would be incomplete without this delightful delicacy.


Key West has some amazing snorkeling and it’s difficult to imagine having more fun than swimming through warm distinct water while looking at colorful fish. Our first try out snorkel independently… errr… well it sort of failed. After we arrived at destination, the water was cloudy and there were warning signs discouraging swimming due to sting rays. As most of the best knee boarding is outside of Key West, maybe it isn’t such a terrible idea to take a snorkeling tour or perhaps ask around in advance of randomly selecting a snorkeling beach.shuttle bus from key west to miami tour Tours Guides say when you think of the planning a trip to Miami, you should not miss out on the Bus Miami Everglades National Park