Interesting Facts About Pest Control

Wasps – they aren’t only the insect that flies around numbers of lawns in the summer. This word can define the behavior of people, a play by Aristophanes, and an acronym for the Women Airforce Service Pilots from World War II.

The delineation of the word’s most frequent meaning, as an insect, stems in Middle English and dates back earlier than the year 900, and is broken down into two groups: social and solitary.

In accordance with National Geographic, the lone group doesn’t form colonies, and those with stingers rely upon their stingers to hunt. They reside and function independently. Social wasps nevertheless, exist in colonies with up to a thousand members and construct nests. The social group is conducted by the queen bee, who’s typically the sole fertilized insect of the group.

Besides signifying the groups of pests, the term can also be described as a person who’s petulant or irritable.

Other meanings of this word have experienced a large historical impact on culture and society for centuries.

According to, Aristophanes’ play, which was performed in 433 B.C., was called Wasps, and was performed to satirize the love of litigation that the Athenians experienced. It was a complementary play to another one of Aristophanes’ plays, Clouds, which was conducted only one year previous to the release of the supplementary play.

Aristophanes was a satirist, and also this play has been regarded as among the world’s greatest comedies. The name of the play refers to the chorus of the previous jurors that Aristophanes integrated into the play. The inference could be made that the definition of the word that is representative of a individual’s behavior could be interchangeable with Aristophanes’ view of their old jurors.

The cultural impact of the play however, stayed in the themes of addiction and old era, which tended to attract audiences out of their comedic bubble and back in reality.

While Aristophanes satisfied the cultural sway of this word, history supplies us with the societal impact of the word.

An integral part of World War II history were the girls who included the Women Jobs in the Airforce. This group of girls were the first in history who trained to fly the American military aircraft.

38 women pilots were killed while flying to America, but their devotion and determination in the war effort were definitely not forgotten.