Health and Wellness

Measure 1: Detox

Prior to starting my trip back to healthful living, I had been under the understanding that if I was not feeling well, I had to include something – perhaps a medicine or if I chose the natural route, maybe a vitamin, herb, or even a new exercise program.

With thousands of products, solutions, and programs out there for overall health, how do you know where to begin?

It might seem overwhelming, but your health journey may be your most exciting journey when done with the ideal intention and the perfect knowledge.

If we first and foremost understand that we’re three elements: the brain, the human body, and the spirit. Each of these three elements has to be taken care of with appropriate health habits in order to feel that our best as a whole.

Although sometimes we do need to include something, in an overall sense, the first step in a healing journey would be to detox.

Detoxing the Mind

Our words, ideas, and feelings contribute considerably to either a sense of well-being, or even a stress-filled survival mode. If you find your mind isn’t the most pleasant home to live in, it might be time to think about your thoughts you are allowing in. Do you consistently have worried thoughts? Is your mind constantly assessing situations? What might be wrong in situations to be able to “fix” them?

The mind can be reprogrammed. It is not a quick fix and just like any other addiction, negative thought patterns provide us a nice, but temporary, soothing effect. Recognizing the reprogramming procedure begins with difficulty and makes easier with time is vital.

Detoxing the Body

Our bodies need assistance with this procedure and also the best methods of detox are also the very ancient. There are great regimes out there for detoxing just about any organ you would like to focus on. All you need is Google and you’re well on your way.

My favorite way to detox is with reflexology. For mepersonally, all I need to do is remove my shoes and the reflexologist does the rest – and it feels wonderful! Reflexology consists of rubbing against the foot and also focusing on the reflex points of the foot, which correspond to the particular organs in our bodies.

It’s a really strong kind of detox and attention should be taken to schedule your initial session in a time when you’re able to break for a day or two after. I have had sessions where the detox was so powerful that I was shaking on the desk as the toxins were released out of my organs back into my bloodstream. This was after several years on pharmaceutical drugs and I have a genetic markers for detox missing, so my results were not typical.

If you want to actually turn your wellbeing around for the better, I urge monthly reflexology sessions in addition to regular massage for overall body detox.

Detoxing the Spirit

First of all, let us define what this means in a mind, body, spirit approach. What exactly is soul? Your mind, body spirit approach to health and wellness is not a religious view, but rather a holistic view of our whole being, for example, body we view and the body most people can’t see. Our soul can also be identified as our aura or energy field and it extends anywhere from several inches to many feet from our physical bodies, based on our spiritual wellness.

The first measure to detox our energy area is to avoid situations and relationships where negative energy may be present. Negativity and arguments are very unhealthy for the body.