Frontline for Cats – An Effective Flea Treatment for Cats

Often the cat flea might be an insignificant insect to the the vast majority of us, but to any cat owners out there it can be a authentic thorn in the side. It doesn’t take a lot for felines to contract a flea infestation. A cat only should go outside, maybe lie on the ground or brush around with other cats and before you know it, it’s infested.

The flea cycle is really quite cunning. Fleas actually develop from the grasses and undergrowth of the outdoors. When an unsuspecting cat comes along they simply hop aboard. Here they happily take advantage of the blood of their host and produce eggs. When the kitty goes outside, the eggs are shed over the yard where they incubate into lice and then eventually in fleas and the whole process begins again.

If your kitten has any sign of fleas they must be sorted out immediately, not only for the benefit of your cat but also to support stop the infestation spreading to other cats. It’s easy to look at your cat for fleas. Simply check throughout its fur along the back and neck and especially check their underside; a specially favourite place for fleas to hang out. If you find any small black creatures darting in or beyond their fur, scampering quickly along the skin, your people I’m afraid, has fleas.

Thankfully there are some really useful treatments on the market that will help you tackle this problem. I wouldn’t go with any of the flea powders, but what I would recommend is a “Spot On” treatment such as Frontline. Frontline for Cats will try really hard to kill any infestation your cat may have within a 24 hr period. Not only that, but it will also protect your cat next to any future flea attack for a full five 2 or 3 weeks.

Using Frontline is really easy. Nothing requires to be taken inside the camera; it’s an external treatment so it’s super safe. It comes in a compact box which contains a number of pipettes. You can buy it with quantities of 6 or 3 pipettes with the a few pipette pack usually being significantly cheaper per pipette then the latter. The pipettes themselves are foil backed erupt packs containing the liquid treatment, shaped similar to those of a traditional pipette.

To administer you simply cut the top of the pipette off with a pair of scissors, part a small area of hair anywhere along the rear neck region of your cat, in addition to squeeze all the contents directly onto the exposed body. You must take care not to get any, or at least as little as likely, on the fur as it won’t disperse and is effectively sacrificed. This can be a little tricky if your cat is wriggling about but if you hold him well, you should be okay.¬†Get more information about frontline spot on top for cats

Once performed, any infestation should die within a 24 hour period. The one thing that is really notable about Frontline is that is keeps on working for a further 5 weeks, killing any fleas this land on your cat within a short space of time.