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Binary options are becoming increasingly more popular in the last 2 years. This type of trading has been desired among new traders as they don’t need to really buy anything, simply predict whether the advantage will move down or up at specified timeframe. Those trades are happening in short time frames (30 sec, 1 min, 5 minutes) but might be months also. If the trader predicted incorrectly, they will obviously lose their money. If the dealer was right in his/her forecast, they will receive 80-85% payout, depending on the agent.

Binary options are occasionally referred to as ‘all-or-nothing options’, ‘digital options’, or ‘fixed return options’ (FROs), which are traded on the American Stock Exchange.

Bitcoin (BTC) is an electronic currency that’s created and held digitally and no one controls it. The ledger uses its own unit of account, also called bitcoin. Bitcoin is often called the first cryptocurrency… ”

Bitcoin for a currency in binary choices trading

Bitcoin is currently widely used money and many trading platforms accept it as a method of payment for their clients’ trading deposits. There are many benefits using Bitcoin as a currency. The first benefit is “the very fact that the cost of transaction is the lowest among all forms of payment. This is the very reason why Bitcoin was created in the first place, to lower the expense of online transaction. As there’s absolutely no central authority managing Bitcoin, no service fee is paid when getting or transmitting payment.” Another reason for traders to use Bitcoin as a currency is that Bitcoin itself is tradeable and they can earn extra Bitcoins that way.

“By using of the trading trades denoted in Bitcoin, a trader can protect himself in the fluctuation of the crypto money while at the same time earn more of it via gains earned inĀ highlow trading.”

Bitcoin for a commodity in binary choices trading

With a current prevalence of Bitcoin and its acceptance as a money, many binary choices platforms started using Bitcoin among the currencies to exchange. So as an advantage. Stockbrokers are seeing the importance of trading BTC against flat currencies, mainly versus American Dollar.

Today there are 2 Chief Kinds of Bitcoin binary choices platforms:

  • First-generation brokers – binary choices systems that allow trading on Bitcoin
  • Second-generation agents – platforms that offer both Bitcoin funding and Bitcoin trading