Avoiding Illegal And Unethical Customer Review Methods

There are plenty of ways to game the online customer review system on your site and review sites.

While all these methods are illegal, not all of them are illegal but if discovered they could very well pill doom to your business reputation and success.

Here are some methods that you want to avoid using to collect client feedback:

one Financial incentives

Many underhanded marketers advice small business owners make use of financial incentives to encourage clients to submit positive internet reviews for them.

These incentives may not involve giving income, but instead involve giving away coupons, gift cards, complementary vouchers, cheap offers and so on.

While the practice may appear harmless to a entrepreneur, it is actually bribing people to give a favorable opinion about your business which will be used by third parties to make a financial decision in doing business on you.

This has been one of the worst practices in the internet marketing field and features made the Federal Trade Commission crack down to a great extent on marketers who use false information to promote their whole business.

To stay out of trouble, use your financial incentives pertaining to other marketing purposes that will build trust and dependability with your customers and then encourage them to leave online reviews outside their own free will.

2 . False personas

Another underhand trick marketers use is to create false online identities to transmit reviews.

This is a difficult method for authorities to track since unique IP addresses are used by each identity to submit the particular reviews.

However in this day and age of technology and so much general population interest in exposing unscrupulous businesses, it wouldn’t take miss someone investigating your reviewers to wonder why typically the IP addresses of the submitters are from India, Malaysia and Malaysia yet your client base is in Little Really are fun, Arkansas!

3. Submitting reviews yourself

This is often a sincere error in judgment most small business owners make.

They get customer reviews with their store on their feedback form, manually submit each of them to the review site profile and think it’s perfectly alright due to the fact that they from a real customer.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to do this by using review sites since each of your customers should submit their review.

If you have collected reviews on feedback forms, electronic mails, videos and other methods, you can post them on your internet site but only if you have that express signed permission at a clients to do so.

Otherwise you need to point your clients to examine sites to submit their own reviews.