Aircraft Washing Service Startups – What Licenses Will Be Needed?

With the market in the tank several folks are looking to begin some kind of service business that they can enter without spending a mint. They also require a company that can match their latest annual income, before having been laid off. There are so many types of businesses to begin, it’s almost has hard to select one as to start it once you pick.

When consulting future entrepreneurs, I often ask them first; what are you good at or what would you like to do. Well, why not begin an aircraft cleaning service I provided. Then he asked a couple of really good questions for example:

What are the FAA Regulations or Where I can find Them?

There are not a lot of FAA regs on Exterior Cleaning aircraft, some but have to do with EPA regulations, and NPDES permits for the real airports. Each airport has its own NPDES standards although they’re very similar, as a result of rules on affluent runoff into water ways and storm drains. Many products are NOT allowed for cleanup aircraft, some have been”Approved”, but that’s rare.
Finding an”activity permit” for a single airport requires filling out of forms at the Aircraft Manager’s office generally, together with assorted business licenses from whatever jurisdiction you are in, and copies of insurance, such as trucking it is not affordable. And even at small airports you’ll require 5 million aggregate on overall liability, occasionally an umbrella too, they will outline their needs and also the airport will want to be additionally insured along with almost any FBOs, Corporate Aviation Depts, or even airlines.

Background checks are fairly simple and the airport will walk you through this, if you’ve ever hauled Hazardous Material, it is a similar process and rationale behind it. You will want birth certificates, driver’s license, Social Security Number and they will do the rest, there are some forms you’ll fill out too under penalty of perjury.