A massive treat to the dark tourism lovers

Have you ever encountered a ghost in a real life? If not, then continue reading the article to know the places, which are very useful for the dark tourism lovers. The dark tourism is nothing but the type of tourism, which brings a form of fright or threat to the people visiting such places. The places may be either haunted or endangered. Both are very dangerous to visit. However, the dark tourism lovers love to visit such kinds of places during their travel to such place.

Apart from the normal things, it is essential to deal with the best parts available online. Let us talk about the most haunted place in Canada and Japan. If you are willing to undergo a dark tourism to Canada, then the place ought to discuss here may help you to have a thrilling experience.

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Suicide forest, Japan:

Tourism lovers wish to visit the places that are haunted too. If you really wish to know about the dark side of Japan, then visit suicide forest in it. The suicide forest is a kind of forest, which may bring you a sort of fright when you hear the facts about it.

The suicide forest is a type of forest with around 4 square miles covered with trees. Even the air has to find its way entering the forest. The name of the forest is especially due to the corpse remaining there for years. The forest may also have many myths, which may not leave any individual to survive for a single day in it. If you are travel lover, just give a nice prey to your mind by collecting such fruitful information.

Banff Springs Hotel, Canada:

In Canada, there was an ancient railway hotel named the Banff Springs Hotel. It was considered to be haunted one due to the death occurred years ago. Due to the death of a woman, the hotel has attained the name of haunted. The woman who stayed there years ago has died while she went to take her wedding gown. She dances during midnight with their wedding gown after her death. Many reported her presence in the ballroom, which is near to the stairs.

The death of a family added a boost to the haunted place. The family of four had died in the room. The reason remains unknown to the people over there. There are many places, which remains a threat to the people.