A Guideline to Hiring an SEO Company – Be Aware of Deceptive Practices

You will find rampant deception in this industry that needs to be addressed and that you as the business owner need to be aware of when you are hiring a marketing company to deliver SEO, Link Building and Social Media Marketing. Let’s take a look at the WEBSITE POSITIONING aspect of an online marketing campaign.

There are questions you need to ask as soon as hiring an SEO, marketing and web design company, and the email address details are crucial in making your decision of which company you are going to hire.

1) On average, how many hours a month does your Cleveland, OH SEO company essentially work to optimize and market your company?
2) Did your SEO company do their optimization and marketing hand or by automation?
3) Will your SEO provider not only work on internal website optimization, but also work on online marketing your website externally?
4) Will the company provide you with a list of what they have done, quantify that and provide ongoing MEANINGFUL analysis within their progress?
5) What do they provide with regard to their external marketing efforts and will they provide a detailed list of what they accomplished?
6) Will they research the top competitive key words and phrases plus use those in their SEO?
7) Are they marketing your small business in the correct geographic regions?
8) Will they keep people involved with their marketing efforts and ask for your insight onto their company and it’s goals?
9) What added benefits will they furnish at no cost to you in order to boost your results because they care about your individual success and a long term relationship?
10) Will they frankly and completely assess your website and current marketing hard work and provide a comprehensive list of objectives and plans to achieve these folks that will address all phases of a successful marketing campaign?

Truly conversations with several companies a day that are getting quotes out of SEO companies and we have found a common list of disconcerting facts from their experiences with other SEO companies. The first subject of which comes up is cost and the conversation starts out like this; “How much do you charge? I got a few quotes for $150 – $250 a month and they guarantee great results! ” Good, first off, no one can guarantee any specific result (provided which the objective is to compete using the top key phrases) for the reason that that is determined by the search engines themselves, not the company doing the advertising. I touch upon the subjects in the list of questions on top of and the business owner on the other end of the conversation usually can be speechless. “You are the first company who has delved towards these subjects and educated me this thoroughly! inches

One common deception is what we call “The Phantom Key phrase”. We hear this one the most. A client retained a company to do their SEO. They tell me “Well, your current company has us #1 on Google and they bought us there in just a few days! ” My first dilemma is, and I already know what the answer is going to be… “No joking!, tell me what key phrase you rank #1 with? very well Here is an example to illustrate a commonly practiced deceptiveness. One company’s CEO replied, “Broward County Plumber is the paramount phrase we rank #1 with. ” Well, bit of did this CEO know, that “Broward County Plumber” is so rarely searched that there is practically no competition regarding key phrase, thus an instant high ranking is achieved one time their pages are indexed into Google. It seems to be and sounds great to the CEO of this company… HI THERE! I am on top! Then I explain to the company’s owner that a young person with some coding knowledge could have accomplished this for free around about an hour. I ask, “Did you know that the key phrase “Fort Lauderdale Plumber” is the phrase that is actually used by individuals that need a plumber in your area? Did you know that key phrase gets TWENTY SITUATIONS the number of searches that your current key phrase gets? And do you know you are practically nowhere to be found on the search engines for that prime competitive key phrase? We are talking thousands of searches a month you happen to be missing out on. This deceptive practice can be accomplished in several tactics too. You can use keywords that sound like they are used greatly but actually are not, change a letter, add an added letter, pluralize a word, or shift the structure of your phrase and presto! you are #1 and the company’s holder isn’t aware that they are not using competitive and accurate search phrase. But hey, you got a great deal right?