2018 Review: Content & Social Media Marketing Insights

Just what exactly our Year-End Analytics Revealed About our Top a few Performing Articles and how these Insights Can Help Your Business Marketing inside 2018′

It’s the end of the year and businesses are all in all their 2017 activities and preparing for new opportunities throughout 2018.

Like many of you, we put a lot of time and energy into our business and branding. And one key element to business marketing efforts is to look at the results in order to appropriately plan out future marketing and business operation changes.

We a short while ago set about doing our year-end review on our content marketing and social media efforts and wanted to share some of the insights most people discovered in hopes you will get inspired to analyze your own efforts though planning for the year ahead.

Where and What to Analyze

One quick way to go about your year-end review is to look at your online bridal from the past year. Whether it’s checking your social media betting or looking at your website traffic, lots can be gleaned out of these types of analytics.

There are a few places to look for the stats you need: You might use Twitter Followers Reseller Panel, Twitter Analytics, Google Analytics, or your web site stats.

Log into each of these and take a look at how your posts plus articles performed. They can provide a lot of valuable information on how your small business and marketing resonates with users.

If you’re stuck for social media and want to read more, please review our robust inventory of content related to all things social media.

So what did your analytics tell us what our followers liked? Here’s several valuable insights learned from 3 of our tops article content this year:

1 . Communicating to Maintain Effective Client Relationships

Connecting is key to a successful business and when clients and devotees communicate with you through social media, whether it’s by a direct thoughts, a share, or something else, you need to listen!

Client connections are a big deal for us and we like to build long-term models by treating our clients with respect and listening to what they say.

We don’t just hear it, we listen. Most people then adjust and improve to reflect the buyer’s expectations.